Wed, 13-Feb-2019

Don't miss our Halloween themed evening!  We're service Blood (red wine) and Zombie Finger (Boerewors) Rolls! Music by the The Ugly Sisters!

Wed, 13-Feb-2019

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Fri, 08-Mar-2019 to Sun, 10-Mar-2019

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We're looking for ideas and comments on your favourite lakeside venues

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Jack Smith has resigned due to a recent illness in in family and we are looking for a new photographer. The photographer is given free attendance at any rally so this is a great position for someone good with words!

Wed, 14-Mar-2018

Get down to our very own social venue at the Clearwater Harley-Davidson® dealership to meet up with others in the H.O.G.® family and welcome our chapter's new members.

Join the world's biggest motorcycle club!

H.O.G.s have a taste for adventure, rebellion, attitude and freedom. Don't take our word for it - just look at our Rally and breakfast run photos! When you’re a member, all that’s left is to let out the clutch and hit the throttle.

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